Peacehaven Little Library

We are very pleased to support Peacehaven Little Library and have a small selection of their books in the Roadshack Cafe.

How does it work? Why is it there? Find out more…

Free to use and open to everyone.
No need to register, just help yourself to a book.

  • Take a book – if you see a book you would like to read, take it. Look inside to see if a previous reader has left a message.
  • Read a book – take it home and enjoy it. Pop a message or picture on their Facebook page if you want to share what you thought of the book.
  • Share a book – return it to the library or pass it on to a friend. If you loved it, keep it. That’s fine too.
  • Return a book – got a book you loved and want to share? Or a book you didn’t get on with that needs a new home? Pop it in the library so it can find its next reader. Leave notes in books for the next person to find.

We have a background in teaching and have seen first hand the power of reading and books. Books are windows to the world. They help us to understand our own lives and to experience and learn about other people’s. Reading stories helps children learn empathy and tolerance and that all leads to a brighter, kinder world. And let’s face it… we all need some of that!
There are so many wonderful children’s, teen and young adult books being published at the moment but because of the corporate nature of our world, so many of them go unnoticed. Go into a chain bookstore, a school book fair, or a supermarket and the same big-name authors are all that are available on the shelves. That’s why we want to share and help people find inspirational, inclusive, beautiful books.
Reading should be fun, not just something children have to do at school. We want children to be excited by books, so we regularly hide books in parks and around the community for children to find and take home.
We believe that books can change the world. We set up Peacehaven Little Library to support our community, to celebrate awesome books and to inspire the next generation of world-changers. We hope you can come and join us.


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